Who’s the king of the swingers?

Gibbons are the champion swingers. They have special bones in their wrists and shoulders to give them plenty of swing as they move from tree to tree. These long-armed apes live in the tropical forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Amazing! Primates have their own cushions. Many primates, including baboons which spend a lot of time sitting around, have built-in padding on their bottoms.

What hangs by the tail?

Woolly monkeys, spider monkeys and howler monkeys all have a bare patch of tail for extra grip. They are the only primates that can support all their weight with the tail and hang upside-down.

When are two legs better than four?

Crossing open ground can be a dangerous business with predators about. Lemurs can travel much more quickly on two legs than four. Standing upright also gives them a better view, and frees up their front legs, to pick up food.

Is it true? Slow lorises really do move slowly.

Yes. Lorises are the most relaxed primates. Unlike their busy monkey cousins, lorises stroll very slowly through the forest in search of food.

Picture Credit : Google