Who waves a chequered flag?

Race officials aren’t allowed to talk with drivers during a race, so they communicate with flags. Different flags warn of danger, problems, or may order a driver off the track. The chequered flag is waved in front of the winning car.

Who wears fireproof underwear?

Underneath their overalls, racing drivers must wear fire-resistant ‘Nomex’ underwear, made up of a long sleeved vest, full length pants, socks and a balaclava. These protect the driver against a blaze of 700° C for twelve seconds.

Amazing! In dry conditions, bald tyres provide better grip than tyres with grooves. In the rain, cars switch to tyres with deep slots, to disperse as much water as possible and prevent skids. Each tyre can disperse 26 litres of water from the road per second!

Is it true? Racing cars could race across the ceiling.

Yes. The air pressure pushing a speeding racing car on to the track is so great that they could race upside down.

Who works in the pit?

About 20 mechanics work in the pits, where they make quick repairs and adjustments during a race. They can change a wheel in under five seconds!

Picture Credit : Google