Who was Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison is famous for inventing the light bulb in 1878 in New York, USA. Thomas Edison didn’t invent electricity – a natural form of energy that humans have known about since the time of the ancient Greeks – but he did figure out how to harness it to light a filament in a light bulb as well as transmit it to homes through a grid system of wires. A genius tinkerer, Edison also invented the phonograph, a machine that records sounds and plays music (think it as the great-granddaddy of your MP3 player).

Although Thomas Edison gets credit for inventing the light bulb, a draftsman name Lewis Howard Latimer had a bright idea that revolutionized electric light. Latimer’s carbon filament – the fiber inside the bulb that glows when charged with an electric current – styled it for much longer than Edison’s quick-to-burn-out paper filament.


Picture Credit : Google