Who was the 30th president of America?

Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president. In 1923 President Harding died while on a trip to Alaska. Harding’s administration had been full of corruption and scandal. Fortunately, Coolidge had not been a part of the corruption and immediately cleaned house. He fired corrupt and inept officials and hired new reliable staffers.

His first message to Congress in December 1923 called for isolation in foreign policy, tax cuts, economy, and limited aid to farmers. Coolidge soon became popular due to his policies. In 1924, the voters chose him for another four years.

Calvin Coolidge’s quiet, but honest personality seemed to be just what the country needed at the time. By cleaning up the scandals and showing support for businesses, the economy thrived. This period of prosperity became known as the “Roaring Twenties”. In his second term, he ran under the slogan “Keep Cool with Coolidge”.

As president, Coolidge was for small government. He also wanted to keep the country somewhat isolated and did not want to join the League of Nations that was formed after World War I. He was for tax cuts, lower government spending, and less aid to struggling farmers.

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