Who was Julius Caesar ?

      Julius Caesar was valiant leader of Rome. His popularity grew like that of a king. The citizens loved and supported him, but some started to fear his increase in power. They feared that Caesar would become a king and turn their republican government into a monarchy, so they conspired to assassinate Caesar. Cassius, the leader of the conspirators, also convinced Marcus Brutus, Caesar’s trusted friend, to join them.

       Caesar had just returned to Rome after defeating his archenemy, Pompey the Great. A soothsayer stopped him and warned, “Beware of the Ides of March.” But Caesar ignored the warning and proceeded to celebrate his victory. The next morning he visits the Senate House, where the conspirators killed him.

       Caesar’s friend Mark Antony gave a brilliant funeral speech, which incited the crowd to riot, which led to a civil war. Antony and Octavius joined the fight against the conspirators, and avenged Caesar’s death. Thus, order was restored in Rome.

Picture Credit : Google