Who uses their knees to go round corners?

Riders in motorbike Grands Prix take corners verb quickly by leaning sharply into bends, scraping their knee against the track. This is called the ‘knee down’ position. For protection, they have tough nylon knee pads sewn into their leathers.

Which motorbike racers have three wheels?

Sidecar racing bikes have three wheels. The sidecar isn’t powered, but the second rider provides vital balance. On corners, the sidecar rider leans out, for extra roadholding, and the driver hardly has to reduce speed.

Amazing! Some bikes have tyres with metal spikes sticking from them, for riding on ice. The spikes pierce the icy surface and stop the bike from skidding. Without them, both bike and rider would go flying!

Which motorbikes don’t have brakes?

Speedway racing bikes don’t have brakes. Instead, the bike slows to an almost instant halt, as soon as the throttle is released. Riders wear extra sturdy steel boots, which they grind into the dirt, to bring the bike to a final standstill.

Is it true? Motorbike races last only one hour.

No. Different races have different lengths. The famous Le Mans race in France, for example, lasts for an exhausting 24 hours, while speedway races are often run over just four laps (1200 metres) and last for about a minute!

Picture Credit : Google