Many scientists study the ocean, looking into the secrets of the sea. They study how the ocean moves and how it affects the atmosphere. They study the living things in the sea and the shape of the ocean floor.

Scientists who study the ocean are called oceanographers. Sometimes they work aboard ships. Some wear diving suits and air tanks to explore underwater. Others use small submarines. They use underwater cameras to take pictures of the ocean’s floor and the plants and animals that live in the ocean.

Sometimes they use robots to bring up samples of the mud and sand for study. Some scientists study the direction and strength of waves, tides, and currents.

Oceanographers called marine biologists study the plants, fish, and animals that live in the ocean, lakes, and rivers. They keep track of their health and the way they grow.

Oceanographers called seismologists study earthquakes that happen on the ocean floor. One cause of earthquakes is volcano eruptions, so seismologists often keep track of volcanic activity.

Picture Credit : Google