Who made the first liquid fuel rocket?

Robert Goddard, an American engineer, launched the first liquid fuel rocket in March 1926. His rocket, burning petrol and liquid oxygen, flew to a height of 12.5 meters and landed 56 meters from the launch pad. He showed that space flight might be possible in the future.

Amazing! The Chinese invented rockets around the beginning of the last millennium! Powered by an early version of gunpowder, Chinese rockets in AD 1000 looked like fireworks. They were used in battle as flaming arrows! For the last 1,000 years, most big advances in rocket design have been made as a result of war.

What did the first satellite do?

Sputnik 1 was launched into orbit by Soviet Russia on October 4th, 1957, 121 days ahead of its American rival, Explorer 1. Sputnik circled the Earth once every 90 minutes, sending radio messages for 21 days, which the world listened to on the radio.

Is it true? Rockets were used in World War 2.

Yes. The German scientist Wernher von Braun made rockets that could launch bombs across the English Channel. They damaged London without risking the lives of German pilots. Von Braun’s V2 rocket was so successful that after the war, American gave him a job helping with its space programme.

Who was the first earthling in space?

Before the first humans went to space, animals paved the way. Laika, a Russian mongrel dog, was the first earthling in space. Her seven days in orbit proved that space travel would be safe for humans.

Picture Credit : Google