Who is the popular face behind EvanTubeHD?

In an online space with cut-throat competition, this young boy, with help from his dad, has been successfully running a YouTube channel that has millions of viewers.

Evan born to Jared and Alisa, is a 13-year-old YouTube vlogger. His channel, EvanTubeHD currently has over six million subscribers. And what does he discuss in his videos? Toys!

How it all began

Evan’s father Jared, runs a video production company. The father and son would spend time together creating fun videos on toys.

Evan loves toys, especially Angry Birds. One day in 2011, when Evan was five, the two of them were working on an Angry Birds stop-motion clay model video and Evan asked Jared to post it to YouTube so that he could share it with his friends.

The duo didn’t expect to get so many followers, nor did they think of monetizing the videos. As part of their father-son bonding time, the two posted a video a month as a project. They would keep turning in to see who was watching their videos.

The big leap

Slowly and steadily, their original clay model video hit one million views. That is when Evan and Jared realised the popularity of their videos.

As people kept watching and enjoying the videos. Evan started getting requests to review toys.

The rest, as Jared says, is “YouTube history”.

Evan’s channel EvanTubeHD has Evan review toys in creative ways.

Jared edits the videos, does the special effects and puts up the videos.

They started by posting videos once a week, and today, they sometimes post three videos a week.

Evan’s channel is constantly rising in popularity, raking in several subscribers and views.

With the increasing popularity, the family has started two new channel – EvanTubeRAW and EvanTubeGaming.

Vlogging with a cause

The money made by the family from the channels is invested for Evan and his siblings’ future.

Most of the toys that Evan reviews are given for charity. The videos he posts on the channel are also used to create awareness about some of the charities he donates to.

Though Evan is hugely popular, the family has kept its last name and address private. Evan attends school just like regular kids. He was initially shy when people would recognize him and approach him. However, over the years, he was slowly opened up to the idea of being a popular YouTuber, known by several people from all over the world.

What makes him special?

Evan is hard worker, managing his studies and YouTube channel. Despite his popularity, Evan still leads life like a regular child.


Picture Credit : Google