Who is building a new space station?

America is leading a group of countries to build an international space station (ISS). The space shuttle is used to deliver parts. Most are made in America, but there are Japanese, Russian, Canadian and European parts as well. ISS uses giant solar panels to make its own Electricity.

Amazing! John Glenn went to space at the age of 77. Sensors on his skin were used to monitor his health. His record-breaking flight happened 36 years after his first space trip, when he was the first American to orbit the Earth.

Will there ever be a Moon Base?

If space gets a lot busier it will make sense to use the Moon as a base. The Moon’s low gravity lets big spacecraft take off and land easily compared to Earth.

Is it true? People can be ‘buried’ in space.

Yes. A cheap new rocket called Pegasus has made space funerals possible. The rocket delivered 25 people’s ashes into space in 1997. For under $3,000 each, the ashes were scattered in orbit. They will drift back to Earth after a few years.

Will I ever go to space?

Only a few people become astronauts. But tourists may soon be able to holiday in space. There are plans to use empty shuttle fuel tanks as the rooms of space hotel!

Picture Credit : Google