Who first set foot on the Moon?

The very first person to step on to the Moon was the American Neil Armstrong, in 1969. He had flown there in Apollo 11 with Buzz Aldrin, who followed him on to the Moon’s surface, and Michael Collins.

Amazing! There should have been seven manned missions to the Moon. Two days into Apollo 13’s journey to the Moon, its oxygen tanks exploded. It took a nail-biting four days to bring its crew safely back to Earth.

How many Moon missions were there?

There were six manned Apollo landings on the Moon and about 80 unmanned ones too. Apollo 17 landed the last astronauts on the Moon in 1972.

Is it true? There are footsteps on the Moon.

Yes. There is no atmosphere on the Moon, which means there is no wind either. Tyre tracks and footprints in the dusty surface will be there for hundreds of years.

Who first drove on the Moon?

In 1971, Apollo 15 carried a Lunar Rover. David Scott and James Irwin drove the battery-powered buggy over the Moon’s cratered surface, collecting samples of Moon rock.

Picture Credit : Google