Who drove a Silver Ghost?

The Silver Ghost was one of the first cars built by the Rolls Royce Company. Only rich people could afford to buy one, and they normally employed a chauffeur to drive it! Like all Rolls Royce cars, the Silver Ghost was famous for being very quiet and extremely well made.

Which car was very cheap to run?

The Austin Seven was so economical that it used half a penny’s worth of petrol to travel a kilometre. The Seven was so tiny that it was often called a ‘toy’ car, but it was very cheap to buy.

Is it true? Taxis have always had meters.

Yes. The word taxi is short for taximeter cab. A taximeter was a meter designed in 1891 that recorded the distance that a horse-drawn cab had travelled. When engine-powered taxis were introduced in 1907, they also had to have a meter.

Who went on trips in a charabanc?

Factory workers and their families used to go on days out to the seaside or to the city in a vehicle called a charabanc. A charabanc was like a wagon with benches in the back for passengers to sit on. The first charabancs were pulled by teams of horses.

Amazing! The Bugatti Type 41 Royale was designed by Ettore Bugatti to be the most luxurious car ever. His idea was that every royal family in Europe would buy one. The car was 6.7 metres long and had a twelve litre engine. But only six Royales were ever built, and only three were ever sold. Today, if a Bugatti Royale ever appears at auction, it fetches millions of pounds.

Picture Credit : Google