Many people work M together to design a new car.

First, drawings are made with a computer. This is called computer aided design, or CAD. Computers are used to create, test, and change the plans. This saves time and money. Next, artists may make a clay model of the car. The clay is coated with shiny film. It looks like a real car.

Other artists create the inside of the car. They design the seats. They decide where the controls will be. They plan everything from turning signals and seat belts to airbags and drink holders.

Finally, a fibreglass model of the car is built. It has real tyres, glass windows, and trim. This final model looks exactly like the new car will look.

Product engineers plan how each part of the car will be made. They use a computer that traces every line and curve on the final model. Factories make the parts and a completed car is made and tested.

Next, parts are shipped to several factories to be assembled. Each worker in the assembly line adds a different part. At the end, a complete car rolls off the line.


Picture Credit : Google