At school, it’s the head master. On a cricket team, it’s the captain. In an army, it’s the general. These people are leaders and it’s their job to run things.

Countries are run by leaders too. Different countries have different kinds of leaders.

Some leaders are elected by the people of the country. That means the people vote for their leader. They elect a president, prime minister, or premier. Canada, France, India, Mexico, South Africa and the U.S.A. all have elected leaders.

In some countries, the leader is a king or queen. Kings and queens are chosen by the people. They are members of the country’s royal family. When the king or queen dies, another royal family member takes over. Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Swaziland have ruling kings.

Some countries have both a king or queen and an elected leader. The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have queens or kings, but the real leaders of these countries are prime ministers elected by the people.

Some countries have leaders who are chosen – or who choose themselves – for life. Only when they die will a new leader take charge.


Picture Credit : Google