Which whales turn somersaults in the air?

Humpback whales are very athletic. Even though the whales may weigh 65 tonnes, they can leap high into the air and come crashing down into the water on their backs. They can even turn somersaults in the air.

Amazing! In the Arctic and Antarctic, seals dive under the ice to search for food. They can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes before they need to come up for air, so they chew breathing holes in the ice with their strong front teeth.

Is it true? Whales slap their tails against the sea surface because they’re angry.

No. Some whales slap their huge tails down on the water but it’s not because they’re angry. This is called ‘lobtailing’ and it’s probably a signal to other whales.

Which sea mammals walk with their teeth?

A walrus’s tusks are actually its two upper teeth. They grow up to a metre long. The walrus uses its tusks to pull itself out of the sea and drag itself across the land.

Which sea mammals make the longest journey?

Grey whales spend the summers feeding in the Arctic. In winter, they swim to the coast of Mexico to breed. They swim back north again in the spring, a round trip of about 20,000 kilometres.

Picture Credit : Google