Which things do you learn from your parents?

Grown-ups – your parents, teachers, neighbours – teach you many things you need to know in life. They learned these things from the grown-ups they grew with. People who are even older than your parents, such as your grandparents, older neighbours, great-aunts, and great-uncles, have plenty to teach you, too!

Older grown-ups have a lifetime of experience to share. They have seen the world in many different ways. After all, they started out as children and have been every age between them and now. They were once your age, and they remember how it feels to get a new bike, have a baby brother or sister, or go to school. They may have helpful answers to your problems and funny stories to tell.

All older grown-ups have special skills. Their jobs and their skills are things they can teach you. Maybe your grandfather known all about fishing. Maybe an older neighbor knows a lot about gardening. Maybe they speak another language or once lived in another country. You can learn a lot from them.

The older grown-ups in your life were once exactly your age. Where did they live? What chores did they do? What games did they play? What books did they read? Ask them! Find out how their childhood was like your own, and how it was different.


Picture Credit : Google