Which snake pretends to be poisonous?

The milk snake lives in the rainforests of Central America. It’s shy, secretive and harmless, but its bright bands of red, yellow and black make it look like the deadly coral snake. Its enemies think the milk snake is equally poisonous, and so leave it well alone.

Is it true? Some snakes mimic vines.

Yes. The African vine snake hangs down from tree branches, looking just like a harmless vine. There’s a nasty suprise for any bird that perches on it. It suddenly snatches the bird and swallows it down.

Which snake looks like sand?

Many desert snakes are perfectly camouflaged to look like sand. The horned viper lies in the sand with just its ‘horns’ showing.  When a tasty-desert rat passes by, the snake pounces.

Amazing! Chameleons are brilliant at changing colour. They can go from almost white to black in minutes. They change colour to blend in with their surroundings and to show they are feeling angry or frightened.

Where do leaf-tailed geckos hide?

Pressed upside down against a tree trunk, the leaf-tailed gecko is almost impossible to see. Its body and tail are dappled brown and green to look exactly like the bark of the tree. The ragged fringe of scales around its body and legs hides its outline. It lives on the island of Madagascar.

Picture Credit : Google