Angel sharks have very large pectoral fins, like an angel’s wings. They spend much of their lives on the ocean floor, waiting for fish or shellfish to come along so they can snap them up.

Is it true? Angel sharks look like monks.

Yes. Angel sharks are also called monkfish because their heads are the same shape as a monk’s hood.

What is a ‘pig fish’?

The Port Jackson shark is known as the ‘pig fish’, or ‘bulldog shark’. It has a blunt head and a squashed nose with very large nostrils for finding sea urchins and shellfish.

Which shark uses a disguise?

The wobbegong shark is a master of disguise. The colouring and markings of its flattened body help it blend into its surroundings on the seabed. It also has a ‘beard’ of skin around its mouth which looks just like seaweed to unsuspecting prey.

Amazing! If a swell shark is attacked by a predator, it gulps down as much sea water as it can and, swells up like a balloon. It then jams itself into a crack in a rock where its enemy can’t reach it.

Picture Credit : Google