Which plane is also a boat?

A flying boat is an aeroplane with a fuselage shaped like the hull of a boat. It takes off and lands on water instead of a runway. During the 1930s huge flying boats such as the Short C-class Empire were popular for travelling long distances. 

Is it true? Some seaplanes fly just above the waves.

Yes. Experimental seaplanes called surface-effect vehicles fly very close to the water surface. Air squashed between their wings and the water helps to keep the plane flying. It means that the wings can be smaller than those on normal aeroplanes of the same size.

Amazing! In 1938, a seaplane was carried into the air by a flying boat. The seaplane did not use any fuel to take off and so was able fly non-stop across the Atlantic.

How fast could seaplanes go?

In 1931, a Supermarine seaplane set a new world speed record, and won the Schneider Trophy. It was powered by a special Rolls Royce engine, and reached 655 kph!

How do planes land on snow?

Aeroplanes can land on a flat stretch of snow or ice if they change their wheeled undercarriage for skis. One of the first planes with skis was a Fokker F.VIIA used to fly over the North Pole. Modern ski planes take supplies to polar bases.

Picture Credit : Google