Which people celebrate Homowo festival in Ghana?


Do you know any twins? Tell them there is a special day for them in Ghana. Ghana lies in western Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. During the maize harvest in August or early September, people known as the Ga enjoy a harvest festival that includes a celebration of twins. On this day, twins who dress up in white clothes get special treats.

The festival also includes dancing, singing, and parades. People wear their best clothes. All this fun continues for a week until Homowo Day. Then everyone opens up their home to friends and family and shares a wonderful harvest feast. There is fish from the sea and such traditional foods as special maize dough and yams. Like many holidays, Homowo is a time for enjoying the fruits of the harvest.

Homowo means “hooting at hunger”. The day celebrates the first good harvest that the Ga people had after a time when many people went hungry long, long ago. It also marks the beginning of the New Year for the Ga.

Picture Credit : Google