Which one is stronger and more powerful – Man, or the chimpanzee?

        There is no question as to who is more intelligent between a man and chimpanzees, or any other animal. However, when it comes to physics strength and stamina, Man may take back seat. An adult chimpanzee is far superior to Man when it comes to physical strength.

        Chimpanzees live in groups in which 20 to 25 individuals stay together. One or two large males are the leaders of such groups. The others are some young males and females with their young. It is common among the chimpanzees to get into territorial disputes. The male leader with a broader chest and muscular arms can hurl large boulders and branches of trees with ease.

        However, the chimpanzee is no match for Man who possesses modern weapons. These marvelous creatures are hunted for meat even today. One of the dangers that chimpanzees face today, apart from habitat loss, is poaching.

Picture Credit : Google