Which one is bigger – a lion or a tiger?


      Do you know that the tiger is the largest feline species in the world? Native to the mainland of Asia, this big cat reaches a body length of up to 3.38 metres. The biggest cats in the feline family, they weigh up to 420 kg in their natural habitat. The Siberian tiger, a subspecies, can reach up to 320 kg in weight and 3.3 metres in length!

      Lions come only second in size. However, they have an exceptional ability to use their mane to look bigger than they really are. During confrontations, the lion uses this strategy to frighten off its opponent. A normal adult lion male weighs up to 250 kg, and a female, up to 182 kg. From head to body, lions have a length of 1.4 to 1.9 metres, and their measure up to 1 metre. African lions tend to be bigger than their Asiatic cousins.

Picture Credit : Google