Which mysterious shark has a very long snout?

Goblin sharks were discovered 100 years ago and yet we still know very little about them. They live in deep water, and use their long, sensitive snouts to seek out prey.

What has a head like a hammer?

The head of a hammerhead shark is spread out to form a T-shape with its body. Its eyes are on each end of the ‘hammer’. As it swims, it swings its head from side to side so it can look around.

What bites chunks out of its prey?

Cookiecutter sharks are often happy with just a bite or two from their prey, which includes whales, seals and dolphins. The wounds they make with their small teeth are oval-shaped, a bit like a cookie.

Is it true? Cookiecutter sharks can glow.

Yes. These small sharks have light organs on their undersides, which glow, maybe to persuade their prey to come close to them.

Amazing! Hammerhead sharks have few enemies and they feed alone. Yet they sometimes gather together in large ‘schools’, where hundreds all swim together.

Picture Credit : Google