Which lizard walks on water?

The basilisk lizard escapes from enemies by running across the water. It runs so fast on its long, fringed back toes that it doesn’t have time to sink. The lizard lives by rivers in South American forests.

Who walks upside down?

Geckos can run up smooth walls and walk upside down across ceilings. They have special suction pads on their feet which allow them to cling on. The pads are covered in thousands of tiny hairs which help the geckos to grip the tiniest bumps and dips.

Is it true? Dragons can fly.

Yes. Flying dragons are small lizards. To travel through the trees, they take to the air. They glide from branch to branch on special ‘wings’. These are flaps of skin stretched over very long ribs which stick out from the sides of their body.

Amazing! Tortoises are real slow-coaches. Their heavy shells weigh them down so much that they move about very slowly, or not at all. Most tortoises lumber along at speeds of less than 0.5 kph, even when they’re hungry.

Which lizard runs the fastest?

The speediest lizard is the spiny-tailed iguana. It can speed along at almost 35 kph, about the same speed as a champion sprinter. In an experiment, a racetrack was set up and the lizards were timed with the same devices used at the Olympic Games.

Picture Credit : Google