Which leopard has lost its spots?

The Black Panther, which is really a type of leopard! But if you were brave, or foolish, enough to get close to a panther, you’d see faint spots in its fur.

Who hides in the trees?

Lots of spotted cats, including leopards and jaguars, hide in the trees to take a catnap or lie in wait for their prey. The dappled light through the leaves makes everything look spotted, so their coats are the perfect camouflage.

Amazing! The snow leopard is a champion long-jumper! This rare big cat can clear a 15-metre-wide ditch –that’s over one and a half times further than the human long-jump record.

Is it true? All cats hate the water.

No. Quite a few types of cat enjoy a swim. Jaguars in the South American rainforests often bathe in the River Amazon. They love to snack on river turtles and sometimes even kill crocodiles!

Who hides a feast in the trees?

Sometimes leopards kill such big prey that they can’t eat it all in one go. Leopards can drag a whole deer up into the branches of a tree, safe from jackals and hyenas, which can’t climb up and steal it!

Picture Credit : Google