Which is the world’s most remote island?

 The world’s most remote island lies in the South Atlantic. It is Bouvet Island. One of the most forbidding places on Earth; it is located 1700 km north of Antarctica, which is the nearest land mass.

The island lies in the middle of freezing vastness, like a speck of ice. Around Bouvet Island, it is possible to draw a circle of one thousand and six hundred kilometres radius -having an area of 8148102.6 square kilometres, or very nearly that of Europe- which contains no other land whatever.

This lonely island remains uninhabited, though officially, it is a dependency of Norway. Bouvet Island is named after the earliest of all polar explorers, Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier, who discovered it in 1739. The island is covered by a glacier, in the centre of which is an inactive, ice-filled volcano. Heavy seas and the absence of any coves or inlets make it too dangerous to approach Bouvet Island by boat in any, but the calmest weather.