Which is the world’s largest national park?

The world’s largest national park is located in Greenland. Northeast Greenland National Park in Denmark is conveniently also located on the world’s largest island – Greenland. The Park protects 972,000 sq km of the interior and north-eastern coast of Greenland and is bigger than all but 29 of the world’s 195 countries. The area is home to nine land mammal species which includes man-eater polar bears and giant walruses. It has more than 40% of the world’s population of musk oxen. The Park has just 40 habitants – the staff at weather and monitoring stations.

The Sirius Patrol has its main base at Daneborg in Northeast Greenland. The Patrol is responsible for monitoring the area by dogsled and sailing. They also have to control expeditions and conservation regulations in the national park. The weather stations at Station North and in Denmark’s Harbour are also staffed. The main task of the staff in Denmark’s Harbour is to launch a weather balloon twice a day with measuring instruments. Mestersvig is also being staffed and especially in summer, there is a lively activity in the old mining town.


Picture Credit : Google