Which is the most poisonous land snake?

Some of the deadliest land snakes live in Australia. A drop of their poison could kill 250,000, mice. Other highly dangerous snakes include cobras, rattlesnakes, and taipans, which can grow to 3.5 metres long.

Which snake spits poison?

One type of cobra spits poison in its enemies’ faces, blinding the victim! Spitting cobras have verb good aims. They can hit a target more than two metres away.

Amazing! Fer-de-lance snakes have massive fangs and are deadly poisonous. They prey on rats and mice. Explorers claimed that local hunters in South America put these lethal snakes in tubes and fired them at their enemies.

Is it true? All lizards are poisonous.

No. Of the 3,800 different kinds of lizards, only two are poisonous. They are the gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard. These lizards do not have fangs but bite their victims and chew poison into the wound instead.

Which snake has the longest fangs?

The deadly gaboon viper from Africa has fangs which grow up to five centimetres, as long as your little fingers! When they’re not in use, they’re folded back against the roof of the viper’s mouth.

Picture Credit : Google