There will be hardly anyone who does not know the answer to this question. The largest living land animal is none other than the elephant. Usually two kinds of elephants are identified in terms of their location: the Asian, and the African variety. Of the African bush elephants, with their huge ears and longer tusks, are bigger than their Asian counterparts. These animals are known for their physical features and great strength. They live long, and possess complex herd behavior.

        These animals belong to the family Elephantidae. There are three species identified among elephants: the African bush elephant and the Asian elephant. They play a major role in nature and therefore are considered keystone species due to their impact on nature.

        In Asia, these animals are domesticated for various hard tasks. In times gone by, they played a key role in wars. Today, these majestic animals are exploited by Man for entertainment, and are put on display in zoos.

Picture Credit : Google