Which is the biggest dog?

The grey wolf is biggest wild dog and the most powerful. Males can be as long as two metres and weigh up to 80 kg, as much as four six-year-old children! Some grey wolves have brown, red or black coats.

Amazing! Except for the African wild dog, all pet dogs are descended from a wolf-like ancestor, which appeared about one million years ago.

Do wolves howl at the Moon?

Wolves howl whether the Moon’s out or not. They use their powerful voices to tell other packs of wolves to stay away, and to talk to members of their own pack, especially when they have spread out to hunt.

Is it true? You should never try to out-stare a wolf.

No. You should if you’re a musk ox. Wolves usually hunt by picking off young or sick members of a group of grazing animals. Musk oxen try to stop this happening by huddling in a tight circle. Faced with a wall of horns, the Arctic wolves can’t pick off any individual oxen.

Which wolf walks on stilts?

The maned wolf is the tallest wild dog. Its legs are longer than the length of its body! The maned wolf lives in the grasslands of South America. Its stilts give it a good view over the tall Pampas grasses.

Picture Credit : Google