Which car can shorten itself?

The Renault Zoom is a tiny car which can get shorter by folding its rear wheels up. This makes it easier to park in smaller parking spaces. The Zoom also has a ‘green’ electric motor, which is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Which is the cleanest car?

The NECAR 4 is powered by liquid hydrogen, which is stored in a cylinder at the back of the car. The fuel is passed through a fuel cell, which creates the electricity to power the car. These cars are quiet and efficient, and instead of dirty exhaust fumes, they only produce water.

Is it true? Cars can run on plants.

Yes. In Brazil there’s an alternative source of fuel, taken directly from a plant. One ‘petrol tree’ is able to produce nearly 20 litres of fuel. The Brazilians are planning to grow huge plantations of these trees to solve the problem of increasing fuel shortages.

Which car runs on sunlight?

Cars are being developed that can convert sunlight into electricity to power their engines. The solar-powered car of the future might look like the vehicle with solar panels on the roof.

Picture Credit : Google