Which boats are unsinkable?

Lifeboats are rescue boats that don’t sink even if they capsize (turn upside down). A lifeboat has a watertight cabin that makes it bob back upright. It has a strong hull and powerful engines for travelling quickly through rough seas.

Amazing! The famous passenger liner Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. But it sank on its maiden (first) voyage after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912.

What is a lightship?

A lightship is a ship with a lighthouse on its deck. Lightships are anchored near shallow water or dangerous rocks to warn sailors to keep clear. Most lightships have no crew because they are controlled automatically from shore.

Is it true? Life savers row through surf to rescue people.

Yes. Lifeguards row boats designed to break easily through surf near the beach. When they’re off duty, lifeguards also race their boats.

Which boat puts out fires?

Fire-fighting tugs are like fire engines at sea. They’re designed to put out fires on ships, oil rigs, or in buildings on shore. They have powerful pumps which pump water from the sea to spray at fires.

Picture Credit : Google