Which bird has the longest wingspan?

The wandering albatross that glides above the sea for hours without flapping its wings has the longest wingspan of any living bird. Its wingspan ranges from 2.51 to 3.5 metres. These birds use their large wings to ride the sea winds and spend most of their lives out in the open sea. They are so efficient at flying that it takes them more energy to sit on a nest than fly!

Albatrosses are a pelagic species, which means they inhabit the open seas. They are found in all oceans except the North Atlantic. They breed on remote islands on the north of the Antarctic Circle, and travel thousands of kilometres from their breeding ground when it is not breeding season. They sometimes cross the equator as well. These birds can fly up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Albatrosses feed during the night, alone or in small groups, making shallow dives while hunting. They mostly consume small fish and crustaceans. They also follow fishing boats and ships to feed on discards and garbage. Albatrosses often overdo their hunting and end up eating so much that they are unable to fly and have to float on the water!

These birds come together in large colonies on remote islands and build their nests from mud and grass. An egg is produced by the female, which gets incubated by the pair in turns. The egg hatches after around 11 weeks, and once the chick is born, the parents take turns to hunt, while the other stays in the nest to take care of the chick. Albatrosses don’t have many predators owing to their large size, but they are listed as vulnerable due to increasing pollution, which makes it difficult for them to find food.

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