Which are the three different species of jackals?

          Three species of jackals have been identified. They are the black-backed jackal, the golden jackal, and the side-striped jackal.

          All three species have similar body size. Usually, that measure up to the size of domestic dogs. They grow to 70 to85 centimetres shoulder to rump, with a tail length of about 25cm. According to the Animal Diversity Web, they stand about 40 cm at the shoulder, and weigh 5 to 12 kilograms.

          The black-backed jackal is called so because it has black hair running from the back of the neck to the tail. The rest of the body is reddish-brown or ginger and the chest is white. There are white stripes and black side stripes running from elbow to hip of the side-striped jackals. The golden jackal has a coat that is usually yellow to pale gold and brown-tipped. However, the colour of these jackals can vary with the season and region.

Picture Credit : Google