Which are the most intelligent sea mammals?

Dolphins are quick to learn tricks and remember instructions. This makes them very popular with people. They are also friendly and sociable. Many dolphins live in large groups. They play and hunt for food together.

Which seal has a huge nose?

The male northern elephant seal gets its name from its very long nose, which normally hangs down over its mouth. It can inflate its nose, like a balloon, to attract a mate.

Is it true? Beluga whales are called ‘sea canaries’ because of their yellow skin.

No. Beluga whales whistle and chirp just like singing birds, such as canaries. In fact, they make so much noise; they’re nicknamed ‘sea canaries’. Adult belugas have pure white skin.

Amazing! Blue whales’ voices are louder than the sound of a jet plane taking off, and can be heard over 500 kilometres away. As well as being the biggest animals, blue whales are the noisiest creatures in the world!

Why do whales sing to each other?

Whales build sounds into ‘songs’ which can last for ten minutes or more. The whales sing to keep in touch with each other, to find a mate and to frighten off rivals.

Picture Credit : Google