Which are the major rivers and lakes in Ukraine?

Ukraine is blessed with several rivers and waterbodies. The most prominent among the rivers are the Dnieper River, the Southern Buh and the Danube. The longest river in Ukraine, Dnieper dominates the central region of the country with many tributaries and has several hydroelectric dams and huge reservoirs along its course to the Black Sea. The Southern Buh also flows into the Black Sea along with the Inhul, its major tributary. The Danube flows along Ukraine’s southwestern frontier.

Almost 3 per cent of Ukraine is marshland, which is mostly found in the northern river valleys and in the lower reaches of rivers like the Dnieper and Danube.

The rivers are a major source of water, and to enable its proper supply a series of canals have been built in Ukraine. There are dams and hydroelectric plants built on all the larger rivers.

Ukraine has a few natural lakes, too, but they are small in size. Lake Svitiaz in the northwest is one of the largest; with an area of 28 square km. Along the coast there are some saline lakes which are larger. There are also some artificial lakes, like the reservoir on the Dnieper near the city of Kremenchuk.

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