Which are the inventions we see at home?

Every day we use things that make our lives easier. We flip a switch to turn on the lights. We turn on the tap and fill a glass with water. Our clothes have zippers and snaps that make getting dressed easier. We have alarm clocks to wake us.

What would life be like without lamps or zippers? How would you clean your teeth without a toothbrush or dental floss? Our homes are filled with all sorts of helpful inventions.

The refrigerator allows the modern household to keep food fresh for longer than before. Freezers allow people to freeze food and extend its expiry date for even longer periods.

A washing machine is a machine that uses water to wash laundry, such as clothing and sheets. Bendix Corporation introduced the first domestic automatic washing machine in 1937. Imagine this; this very common household appliance was not available prior to that date!

A television set, more commonly called TV, is a device used for the purpose of viewing television broadcast. It was introduced in 1920 in mechanical form.

However, the modern color television was not introduced until 1940.

The Television has become commonplace in our homes, offices, and institutions, particularly as a prime source for advertising, entertainment, and news.


Picture Credit : Google