Which are some of the unique creatures found on the Galapagos Islands?

A group of islands called the Galapagos Islands lie off the west coast of South America. These islands are totally isolated, and cut off from other land masses.

 As a result, they are unique in many ways, and are home to creatures and plants that have evolved to become one of a kind. The Galapagos Islands are located where three major ocean currents intersect, and they are also affected by four other ocean cur rents as well.

Consequently, their marine life is like none other in the world. Here you will find marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins and flightless cormorants, as well as less familiar animals such as bull head sharks, red lipped batfish, and many more. Half of the plants, and almost all the reptiles on these islands, are found only here and nowhere else on the planet!