Chimps are very clever, and even make simple tools. They sometimes strip a stick of its bark to make a kind of fishing rod that they use to fish for termites. They also use sticks to gather honey so they needn’t get too close to the nest and risk a nasty bee sting!

Amazing! Chimps take medicine. Chimpanzees sometimes eat plants that don’t taste very nice at all, as cures for illness. One herbal remedy is aspilia, which gets rid of tummy upsets and worms.

Can apes paint?

Tame chimps and gorillas have been given paints and paper so they can make pictures. Some of the results look like the work of human artists, and foxed a few of the so-called experts who couldn’t tell the difference!

Is it true? Chimps can talk.

No. People have taught chimps to point at symbols and to use sign language, so we know that they are clever enough to understand language. But chimps’ vocal cords are unable to produce spoken words like ours.

Who carries a pet stone?

Chimpanzees who live on Mount Tai, in West Africa, use a stone as a nutcracker to smash open the hard shells of the coula nut. There aren’t many rocks on the mountain, so each chimp carries around its own favourite stone.

Picture Credit : Google