Which ape has the longest arms?

In relation to its overall size, the orang-utan has the biggest armspan. Its arms are three times as long as its body, which is just right for an animal that spends its life swinging from tree to tree! The name orang-utan is the Malay for ‘man of the woods’.

Is it true? Gorillas in the wild are bigger than gorillas in zoos.

No. Life in a zoo can make gorillas rather lazy and, sometimes, rather fat! The record-breaker was a male called N’gagi, who weighed in at a whopping 310 kg. That’s about the same as five adult humans!

Amazing! The gorilla is the world’s biggest ape. It is a tiny bit taller than a man, but usually about three times as heavy.

Which is the most colourful monkey?

Male mandrills, which belong to the baboon family, have very brightly coloured faces. Mandrills are also among the biggest monkeys, at just under a metre tall, with a weight of about 20 kilograms.

Which is the world’s smallest primate?

The eastern brown mouse lemur of Madagascar is truly tiny. From the top of its head to its bottom, it measures just over six centimetres. It could easily sit on your palm, if it wasn’t so shy!

Picture Credit : Google