Which animal has the deadliest bite in the cat family?

      Which is the fiercest animal? We might consider a tiger or a lion due to its size. However, in reality, jaguars have the strongest jaws in the cat family. They can break the skull of their prey with amazing force and strength.

      With their strong teeth, jaguars are able to pierce the shells of a turtle and crunch the bones of other animals with ease. Between a lion and a jaguar, the latter’s bite is twice as strong as that of the former. Only one animal is stronger than the jaguar in this aspect the hyena!

      The way the jaw muscles are arranged in jaguar’s mouth is the reason for the strength of its bites. Other cats do not have such powerfully packed muscles and that gives an edge to the jaguar. With such strong jaws, the cat can bite through the skulls of any animal with ease and pierce the thick hide of a crocodile or a caiman.

Picture Credit : Google