Where you can find the most famous city on water?

The fame of Venice and its incomparable natural and artistic beauties was confirmed when a world-wide fund was opened to save its treasures. The enormous sums collected show the love felt in every part of the world for this Italian city, set on the water.

Venice is built on about 115 islands in the Adriatic Sea, 4 kilometres east of the mainland to which it is connected by road and rail. The city is interested by canals, the chief of which is the Grant Canal, and has nearly 400 bridges.

In addition to its canals and bridges, Venice is renowned for its churches and palaces. The most famous of these are St. Mark’s Cathedral with its tall campanile beside it built at one end of the Piazza San Marco, and the Doges Palace.

In the course of the centuries, innumerable artists have been inspired by Venice and in return they have left the results of their creative genius.


Picture Credit : Google