Where to locate a wind farm?



A wind turbine needs a reliable supply of wind to generate electricity. The best land-based places for a wind farm are on coasts and areas of high ground.







Wind farms are built in windy places, such as on top of a hill.

More than half of the wind energy hitting a modern turbine can be converted into electricity, but only if the turbine is in the right location. The best locations are those with a regular wind and no obstacles to block the wind from reaching the rotor blades. This is why wind turbines are located on hills, cliffs or in a location where the wind is not blocked by any buildings.





The wind vane on top of the nacelle measures the direction of the wind.

To generate as much power as possible, a wind turbine must face into the wind. The wind vane sends signals to a yaw mechanism. The yaw mechanism uses a system of cogs to turn the nacelle and rotor blades into the wind.







An anemometer measures the speed of the wind.

The speed of the wind is very important for wind farms. If the wind is too slow, then the turbines will not work. If it is too fast, then they will shut down to avoid being damaged. Most turbines work in wind speeds of between 18 and 90 km/hour. An anemometer measures the wind speed and can automatically turn the turbine on or off as required.