Where to find the Victoria Falls?

The Zambesi is one of Africa’s longest rivers and gives rise to the world-famous Victoria Falls. These falls were named by the British missionary and explorer David Livingstone who became the first European to see them in 1855.

Livingstone was then exploring the upper reaches of the Zambesi, a river which was almost unknown. The Africans knew where to find this mighty course of water which they called ‘the smoke that thunders’ because of the noise the falls make as they drop over the cliff. But the Africans were afraid of taking Livingstone to the place: they were superstitious and feared they would be punished by the gods whom, they believed, lived inside the falls. Livingstone succeeded in persuading the Africans to help him and at last he was able to see one of the most impressive sights in the world as the Zambesi plunged 108 metres down a narrow gorge.

Livingstone was able to produce an almost perfect map of the Zambesi’s course, showing the exact location of the Victoria falls. They are situated at the far eastern end of the border that separates Zambia from Zimbabwe. It was not until the railway from Bulawayo was opened in September 1905, however, that many people were able to visit the falls.


Picture Credit : Google