Where to find gibbons?

The dense forests of tropical Asia often echo to the hoarse, piercing, far-reaching cries of the gibbon. This is a small, man-like ape or monkey which is quite common in the East, especially in indo-Malayan countries.

It is not difficult to recognize gibbons because they have certain striking characteristics. The chief of these is their extremely long arms. When a gibbon stands up on its hind legs it can still touch the ground with its fingertips, for its arms are about twice as long as its legs.

The gibbon has a slender body covered in brown fur, but no tail. It is an extremely muscular animal and a marvelous acrobat, swinging from branch to branch of the trees with considerable skill and agility.

Sometimes gibbons jump great distances between trees. They can also hang for a very long time with one hand from a branch while swinging gracefully to and fro like a pendulum.

They feed on young bamboo shoots, nuts, fruits, insects and birds’ eggs, and live mainly in the trees, when on the ground they walk upright, without any help from their long arms, which are held above their heads or behind them.


Picture Credit : Google