Where to find Death Valley?

The American pioneers gave this grim name of Death Valley to a very deep depression in Inyo, California, which at its bottom lies 85 metres below sea level. The entire valley had to be crossed by the prospectus in search of the famous gold deposits of California and many of these men lost their lives in Death Valley, dying of exhaustion and thirst. The pools of water that form in certain parts of the valley’s floor are extremely salty, the climate is torrid and not one blade of grass grows there. It is a real hell-on-earth and the gold prospectors struggled to get through it, but often it was the end to get through it, but often it was the end of their hopes. In the 1870s when gold was discovered in the nearby mountains, thousands of skeletons of dead animals left behind by the pioneers marked the Death Valley trail. Hundreds of Crosses littered the route and the ground was covered with wooden crosses on the graves of those people who had paid with their lives for the attempt to pass through its desolate wastes.


Picture Credit : Google