Moomba means “get together and have fun”. And that’s just what the people of Melbourne, Australia, do at the yearly Moomba Festival.

The Moomba Festival gets its name from the language of the Aborigines, the people who were the first to live in Australia. The festival runs for 11 days. And there is something for everyone.

Among the many events are water shows and boat races on the Yarra River, which flows through the city. At Melbourne Cricket Ground, children’s teams play all kinds of sports. There are games of cricket, which is a favourite sport in Australia, as well as soccer and rugby. Children’s plays are put on at an outdoor theatre.

The busy festival ends with a big parade on Australia’s Labour Day, the second Monday in March. Bagpipe bands play lively marches and there are colourful floats. The Moomba King and Queen lead the parade. Everywhere there are clowns and more clowns. Children may also dress up and take part in the parade.

Picture Credit : Google