It’s not just birds that sleep in nests – huge gorillas do too! They bend branches in bushes and trees and make a cosy bed just above the ground. Sometimes they make a mini day nest, where they snatch a midday snooze.

Is it true? Gorillas are monster meat-eaters.

No. Despite their enormous size, these gentle giants are vegetarians. They feed on fruits, roots and vegetables, especially delicious wild celery.

Which gorillas go grey?

Adult male, gorillas are called silverbacks, because of the silvery grey fur on their back and face. The silverback is the leader, who defends the troop.

Amazing! Gorillas use sign language! Wild gorillas communicate with grunts and body language. But a gorilla called Koko learned proper sign language, as used by people who can’t speak or hear.

When is it rude to stare?

It’s always rude to look straight at a gorilla. In gorilla language, staring means you’re angry and looking for a fight. Sometimes, gorillas beat their chests when they’re cross.

Picture Credit : Google