Where can we see tawny eagles?

          The tawny eagle is a large bird of prey, typically around 60-75 cm in length. Their wing span can extend up to 190 cm.

          They prefer to live in regions like deserts, semi-deserts or vast grasslands where trees are less in number. They are found perching on poles and leafless tree branches.

          Tawny eagles are yellowish brown in colour, with a darker shade on the tail and flight feathers. Although the adult birds show a range of variation in colour, young ones usually show less contrast. They make a crow-like barking sound, but are generally silent in nature.

          They are raptors, and feed on the remains of dead animals. But if in need, they will attack and kill live mammals as large as a rabbit, reptiles or birds. They may even attack other raptors to rob their preys. The tawny eagle makes its nest using sticks which can be on trees, cliffs or even on ground. The eggs may be one to three in number.

          Tawny eagles are seen in many parts of India and also in Africa and in other parts of Asia.