Where are the world’s tallest trees?

On the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in places that are carefully protected, grow the world’s tallest trees: the sequoias. Sequoias are famous for their tremendous height and for their great age. Some of the tallest and the oldest of these trees are so famous that they have their own special names and are looked after very carefully.

There are two kinds of sequoias: the giant sequoia and the evergreen sequoia. The largest of the giant sequoias is General Sherman. This tree is almost 4,000 years old and stands 83 metres high with a diameter at the base of 10 metres. There are specimens that are higher but have less bulk than the General Sherman tree.

Evergreen sequoias do not live as long as the giant variety but they grow taller. Founder’s Tree, which is in California, is just over 110 metres high. The trunk of this tree is thinner and has a base diameter of about 5 metres.


Picture Credit : Google